About Us

Photography is one of the most popular pastimes. While the industry has mostly gone digital, there remains a sizeable group of photography enthusiasts that still prefer to use older (film) equipment. This blog was started by classic photography enthusiasts as a resource for fellow enthusiasts and collectors.

Our goal

The main goal for this blog is to promote the niche photography community that prefers to use classic or antique equipment. Not only do we want to provide support to the existing members, but we also want to encourage more people to join the community.

Our Values

Our founding values are:

  • Passion: Every single person that contributes to the blog is passionate about classic photography. We believe that the community can be best served by people who share their passion.
  • Integrity: The blog strives to ensure that all the information presented to the community is accurate. As one of the premier online voices for the community, there will be a strict editorial process to moderate the content being published.
  • Community: The community’s best interests will serve as the guiding factor for all decisions made by the blog. Our purpose is to serve and promote the community and this will be reflected in all aspects of our operation.

Our Coverage

To better serve the community, the blog will not have a limited scope when it comes to its coverage. Our purpose is to have content that is helpful and/or interesting to the community. This includes technical advice, shopping guides, photography tips and community posts by members talking about their passion for classic photography.