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Technological advancements throughout the past few decades have resulted in significant changes in the photography industry. The digital revolution may have improved camera quality. Still, for some, there is no replacement for classic and antique photography equipment. So, whether you are a collector or an enthusiast of ‘old-school’ photography, this blog covers all things relating to classic photography including:

Photography tips when using older equipment

If you are used to the ‘point and shoot’ experience when using digital cameras, then using older photography equipment can be intimidating. One of this blog’s goals is to promote enthusiasm for classic and antique photography. The tips offered will make the learning curve easier for those getting into classic photography without much prior experience.

Technical Advice

Older camera equipment requires a lot of care and proper maintenance. This is particularly important for antique equipment which has a lot of moving parts that might have become fragile with old age. The blog will have content on how to care for your equipment, how to handle some of the simpler repair jobs as well as how to properly install replacement parts.

Shops that stock older cameras and replacement parts

Finding shops that sell older photography equipment, and accessories can be a daunting task. In fact, from our experience, this is the number one frustration facing classic photography enthusiasts and collectors. The blog will have a constantly updated list of shops that sell older photography equipment as well as replacement parts and accessories

Fun Content

The blog won’t just be about technical content. It will include a lot of fun content for the community. This will include guest posts by members who want to share their experiences with the community. There will also be content regarding digital photography since most photographers also own newer equipment. The blog will create a platform for the community to connect over their mutual passion for classic and antique photography equipment.