Top Five Best Vintage Cameras of All Time

Cameras have evolved over the years thanks to rapid growth in technology. With smartphones everywhere, many do not see the need to get traditional cameras, unless they are professional photographers. The other thing that will help you know when a photography enthusiast is in the vicinity is vintage cameras. Here are five that are among the best.

Leica Camera

This is a German-made camera that was developed around 1920. Leica cameras gained their first momentum in World War II and were the first small standard cameras that used the 33mm film. Given their small size, one needed to make sure they got a sharp focus to capture great images.


Hasselblad company was initially a shipping operations company. Later, the company transitioned to the biggest Kodak film processor in Europe. It also became a major competitor in the camera business globally, especially with medium cameras.


Polaroid cameras were among the most popular cameras around in the 20th century. They were among the first cameras that enabled photographers to produce instant photos. The Land Camera 95 was the first-ever instant camera, produced by Polaroid in 1947. Aside from the instant cameras, Polaroid is the brand behind the SX-70, the most popular folding camera in the world.

Canon and Nikon

Still known as the most popular brands in the filming industry, Canon and Nikon have come a long way. They were initially the names behind high-quality single-lens reflex (SLR) film cameras. They later became famous for the digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera.

The Kodak

This was the first-ever camera produced to use film. It was George Eastman’s work of 1888. The camera came with 100 exposures of film, which had to be sent back to New York for processing. It became the first-ever camera available for consumers.

These cameras are rare to find, making them go for thousands of pounds during auctions.