Top Three Most Expensive Antique Cameras of All Time

Photographs are an excellent way of storing our memories. In the modern world, cameras come in plenty of varieties and at an affordable price. It is hard to think of a mobile device without a camera nowadays. However, some cameras stand out in terms of price and design. In this post, we look at the most expensive antique cameras of all time.

1. Leica 0-Series

The Leica 0-Series camera receives a lot of praise as one of the rarest camera models in history. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that it is the most expensive antique camera in the world. This particular model only had 25 releases in its line. This small number adds to its rarity. The 25 cameras came out in 1923 with Leica only looking to test the markets. In 2012, one of the Leica 0-Series went on auction at Westlicht for a €2,100,000 price tag.

2. Leica M3D-2 Black Paint

David Douglas was so good a photographer that Leica made this particular model of camera for him. David rose to fame while working for Life Magazine but even more so because of his war photographs in Vietnam. Additionally, his portraits of Pablo Picasso contributed to his reputation. This model that only had four releases came out in 1955. Again, at Westlicht in 2012, the camera went on auction and sold for €1,633,333.

3. Leica Luxus I

Leica dominates the world of antique cameras. In 1929, Leica released the Leica Luxus I. It had a lizard skin body with a gold plated touch. This particular model drew the interest of many admirers and in November of 2012, went on auction at Westlicht in Vienna. The bid that won that specific auction was €991,667. This price effectively made this item the third most expensive classic camera of all time.